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Crossing Borders

Where is the place where we belong

In battle fields or climbing rocks

In the dessert crossing fields

Or in the darkness of your shadow

If you need us we are here for you

But we are’t here to party endlessly

Don’t mistaken me for someone you think

Can tear me down without a scene

Im passing by to see the future

Where my family can safely live

In this land of opportunity

In this land that sets us free

I love this place it is my home!

Don’t send me to a land I’ve never lived before

I carry this country in pain and glory

Bleeding when the people bleed

Don’t part me from this nation

Don’t take away my liberty

I am here to stay for you

When you need me I am here for you

Don’t speak like I’m a stranger

When we both know that you need me

More than I need you

To seek the fields of green

I’m crossing borders in a nation

That was mine before you came

When America is her name

You and I fit in the same





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Untitled (U.S.)

There is a blur of faces and only colors

The color of my skin or the style of my clothes

The way in which I speak or need the company

I need the money, no, yes, I need the money

When money won’t set me free

There is a blur of emotions coming up for me

When I see the people dying on the streets

The way in which they hide their identity

Hiding from the cops, hiding from what they see

Its on the news, its on the radio

Its labeled on the things you care about

Built a wall to keep us off

Built a wall to send us over it

Built a wall to keep control

But you still want our drugs over your wall

You still want the labor we provide

You still want the things that we provide

Except to say we are human like you are

You are so mean

You are so pissed

To see the color of my skin

The color of my culture

The people that work hard just to make it further

I don’t care about the hurt

If it keeps me here

Thats not true

I hurt in every single tear

I don’t want to go back to a land I was never part of

I don’t want to go to a country I never lived on

I don’t want to go away from this place I call my home

I don’t want to go, I don’t want to go

Don’t look at my color






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Fritz De la Blah Blah

Miss Fritz de la Blah Blah

Returned with the nah nah

Back to the arms of that man man

Miss Fritz de la Blah Blah

No, it’s not her fault

That I left him on his own

Now he needs a new home

So he unblocked her from his phone

But she is far away at seas

When he needs some company

And can’t get over me

Notice the things he didn’t see

When he was still right next to me

Miss Fritz de la Blah Blah

Screaming her yea yeahs

Thinks she’ll mend his little heart

Miss Fritz de la blah blah

Honey, please listen to me now

Its an act he ends with a bow

The stakes are high after me now

Turns your mocking smile into a frown

No, I don’t feel bad for you

You took him when I wasn’t through

Now you’ve got the sad pathetic truth

He’ll never be so into you

Miss Frits de la blah blah

With her little pow pow

Her eyes going wow wow

Hope you love hell hell

Cuz that’s exactly where you’ll be

When you see he’s not over me

Go cry your little eyes out

I’ll ship him over to you now

Stare up at the sky and watch me fly away

Like a shooting star in May

I know you wish you were more like me

I know you’re dazzled by the stars in his company

But I’m the only star in the sky he sees

So sorry, Miss Fritz, no one quite like me

 I know you’re dazzled by the stars in his company

I’ll forever be the only star in the sky he sees

Miss Fritz, he will never find another quite like me

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Not The First Time

Overthinking, not the first time

Feeling perfect, not the first time

He said he’s sorry, for the millionth time

He said he’s changed, again


Been down this road before

Not going back to him

He wants me back when he’s alone

He probably forgot that I already know

How his story goes


I know the way he smiles at me

Means he’s good at faking it

Faking like he fell for me

But I’m over his hot and cold identity


So this is how my story goes

A hopeless romantic thats for sure

Ive said it a million times before

Not broken hearted, broken ego


I know you unblocked them

The girls you hurt me for

Its not the first time

You’re the same selfish prick

Who didn’t give a damn

Its not the first time

You walk into my life

Not the first time

Not the last time

You win

If I let you get to me


Promised not to reply, not the first time

Said my last goodbye, not the first time

Don’t accept the invite, not the first time

He said he changed, again


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Silver (pt I)

I’ve thought too much

Reaching silver in a daze

Don’t stay too long

It won’t mean anything

Unless you mean what you say

I’ve had some time

To seek the unthinkable

Do the unreachable

Break my heart, slowly babe

I know I never fell in love

Once I do, it’ll be magical

So I’m reaching silver in a daze

Because I know I’m still

Hopelessly the dreamer, me

Romantically in need

In love with life

Without him near me

So I’m reaching silver on my own

Discovering myself

Reinventing my name

Look for better days

I’m in love with life

When I’m on my own

When I don’t bring me down

For past mistakes

I’m reaching silver in a daze

Like I’m high out of air

Can’t wait to meet you there

Whoever ‘you’ are

My future company

Reaching silver in a daze

Reinvented my own name

For all the times I’ve saved myself

While dancing in the rain

Reaching silver in a daze

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The Problem With You

The problem with you is that you’re perfect

At least thats what you want to be

The question isn’t if you are worth it

Rather if you can see worth in me

The problem with you is that you post what you eat

What you do, what you wear, endlessly

The problem with you is that you care too much

Of what x,y, and z think of you and me

The problem is that you can’t be yourself

Because you don’t even know what that means

The problem is your face which you

Fix to look like everybody else

The problem is that you can’t step out

Without an ounce of makeup

The problem is that you need approval

When you don’t approve of anyone

The problem with you is that its time

For me to realize you are not my right or type

Its wrong that I obsess to change you

When you are what you want to be

The problem with you is that I love you

But you’re not meant for me