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Swing (poem)

The little troubles of my mind and memories of my childhood

Laughter & fights with my brother,  the friendships gained & the minutes lost

Seeing my reflection, how time has passed, youth at its prime

Then possibilities like the unlimited time to dream and cry

The beauty of feeling when you don’t want to feel at all

I want to pass through all those moments knowing I am weak as I am strong

But I am never giving up or showing defeat in front of anyone

In the playground I swing to let my mind bring back my innocence

Like a child never knowing friends that deceive

It is much harder now that I am older

The bitter anger that has made me blind, sometimes

If the possibilities of my youth can make me hope again

I’d swing everyday with joy and jump without fear of the falling

Its always a little dark and a little safe to be me at 22 years of age

She knows who I am truly, in essence my 5 year old self still lives with me

Going back to the days where I belong with serenity

Swing high in the playground with the comfort of being with me

Alone but never lonely I swing


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