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To His New Life (poem)

I won’t get hurt by his lies

Don’t feel anything when he cries
Don’t want to touch his sweaty skin
Won’t even wear that blonde stupid wig
Because when he said he loved me so

So much he could explode

He was sleeping with a chick

Kinda heard she had a dick

But what the hell what do I know?

A little heart broken thats for sure

You do you babe, I’ll get over it
The thought of him now makes me sick

He likes them wild drug addicts

He likes the friends with benefits

I can’t fake it anymore
Kissing him made me a whore

I hope that blonde now by his side
Feels the same pain that I can’t hide
Well whatever I’ll get over it
Just made my mind I don’t want him
I don’t want him

I was living in hell

I don’t need him
I swear its true

I despise him

Never thought I would

But here I am

And there he goes

With his blonde new wh…(jk)



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