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Not Like That (poem)

Don’t find the words to say

Whatever is in my head is like

Explosive and silent

All at the same time

You know, no you don’t

You never listen

But here goes once more

I don’t want you

Not like that

If you ignore me

Its not like that

So I stared for a second longer

And you think I’m so in love with you

My puppy eyes are automatic

And I saw you

Just not like that

Could’t find the way to make you see

That you don’t mean a thing to me

If you ignore me again

I won’t ever try

I don’t want a thing from you

Won’t even care if you died

Oops sorry

All I’m saying is that I liked you

But just not like that

I don’t want to hold your hand

I don’t want to kiss you

If I stared with puppy eyes

Its not to say I need you

Yea I thought we could talk

But it was never like that

Not like that

I don’t even like you

I don’t like you like that


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