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Movie Love (poem)

She hates, she loves, she breaks his heart

He’s sleeping with somebody else

She’s dragging him back through hell

Then he brings her back to heaven

Touching stars another night

If this is love then I don’t want it

Pathetic romanticism of Hollywood

Why do we have to fight with the one we love

It might mean we don’t even love at all

I don’t want some movie love

I want you and that is all

Don’t put me through hell

Or else

I’m not coming back to heaven with you

I don’t want some movie love

I want something real

(very unfinished poem but I’m obsessing over how Hollywood tries to sell its viewers to romanticize toxic relationships. We fall for them and then think its normal when it comes up in our own personal lives, but its not. Love should be clean and beautiful, and it should make you happier than anything else. If the relationship is putting you down more than its creating beautiful moments in your life then maybe it is not meant to be.)


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