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Crossing Borders

Where is the place where we belong

In battle fields or climbing rocks

In the dessert crossing fields

Or in the darkness of your shadow

If you need us we are here for you

But we are’t here to party endlessly

Don’t mistaken me for someone you think

Can tear me down without a scene

Im passing by to see the future

Where my family can safely live

In this land of opportunity

In this land that sets us free

I love this place it is my home!

Don’t send me to a land I’ve never lived before

I carry this country in pain and glory

Bleeding when the people bleed

Don’t part me from this nation

Don’t take away my liberty

I am here to stay for you

When you need me I am here for you

Don’t speak like I’m a stranger

When we both know that you need me

More than I need you

To seek the fields of green

I’m crossing borders in a nation

That was mine before you came

When America is her name

You and I fit in the same






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